Week 9 and 10 : GSoC Project Report

Last two weeks I worked on implementing saving and loading of storyboard items and fixed some bugs. For implementing saving and loading I created a copy of the data from the models in KisDocument. That data is kept in sync with the data in models. Saving and loading of storyboard items are working now. YouContinue reading “Week 9 and 10 : GSoC Project Report”

Week 8: GSoC Project Report

Last week I implemented the duration fields and addition of storyboard items from storyboard. Previously it could only be done from the timeline docker. Also I implemented updating of all affected items’ thumbnail. This makes the docker almost complete sans the capability to save or export. The duration field is implemented such that any itemContinue reading “Week 8: GSoC Project Report”

Week 6: GSoC Project Report

This week I worked on writing tests for interactions between different parts of Krita and investigated how to update all affected items in the storyboard. I added two test classes, one for interactions between keyframe channels and animation interface and one for the interaction between keyframe channel and the storyboard docker. This was essential becauseContinue reading “Week 6: GSoC Project Report”

Week 4 and 5: GSoC Project Report

This is the report for week 4 and week 5 combined into one because I couldn’t do much during week 4 due to college tests and assignments, so there was not much to report for that week. These two weeks I worked on implementing interactions between the the storyboard docker and timeline docker (or theContinue reading “Week 4 and 5: GSoC Project Report”

Week 2: GSoC Project Report

This week I worked on making the UI interactive and configuring the interaction between the comment model and the storyboard model. I also implemented the switching of modes. The comment model stores the name and visibility of comment fields. It is responsible for the comments menu’s items. Storyboard model’s items have fields to store theContinue reading “Week 2: GSoC Project Report”

Week 1 : GSoC Project Report

This week corresponds to Week 3 in the planned timeline. I created the MVC classes, namely, StoryboardModel, StoryboardDelegate and StoryboardView and implemented a bare bone GUI without much interactivity. The StoryboardModel provides an interface to the delegate and view classes to handle the underlying data. The model consists of a list of StoryboardItem objects thatContinue reading “Week 1 : GSoC Project Report”

Week 0 – GSoC Project Report

This week corresponds to week 2 of the planned timeline. I had planned to write tests and get started with the MVC classes for the storyboard docker this week. Also the comment menu from previous week was to be implemented. I managed to setup the comment menu’s delegate and model classes. This would handle theContinue reading “Week 0 – GSoC Project Report”

Week -1 : GSoC Project Report

I have started working on my project earlier due to the uncertain times that we find ourselves in. Hence this is Week -1 report, a week earlier than the official start of coding period. This week corresponds to Week 1 of the planned timeline. This week was easier than expected. Adding the storyboard docker toContinue reading “Week -1 : GSoC Project Report”

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