Week 3: GSoC Project Report

This week I implemented views, drag and drop of storyboard items in the central view and made some small changes. I also ran unit-tests, checked for memory leaks and debugged code, but unfortunately we couldn’t get it tested by users as we got some crashes.

There are three views to customize what part of the storyboard item you see. Namely they are Thumbnail only, Comments only and Both. This was easy to implement as we only had to make changes to delegate and view class to draw the right parts based on the chosen view.

All view
Comments Only View
Thumbnails only View

I also implemented drag and drop of storyboard items. For this I implemented the mimeData and dropMimeData functions and then called the moveRows function in the dropMimeData function to move the rows.

Drag and drop

Also we made the add and delete buttons permanent instead of show on hover as their might be some tablet devices that do not support hover.

I made some changes to unit-tests to account for the changes in the design. All the unit-tests passed. I also got some memory leaks that I investigated and fixed using valgrind. But we got some crashes that couldn’t be fixed this week so we couldn’t get the GUI tested by users.

This week I would focus on debugging the code and getting it tested by users.

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